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It's 10am on a Wednesday morning, and I'm not in the office.

No, instead I'm ensconced in a huge papasan patio chair, tunes flowing through headphones, barefoot under a cloudless sky with perfect California weather and two loving kitties gamboling around me while I work from home.

Days like this I understand why people go through the stress of becoming their own bosses.

I've been holding off from LJ posting for awhile, because I wanted the additional "cred" of hosting and updating my own blog. Many moons (and scant updates) later, I'm beginning to realize that my thoughts tend to fall into the dichotomy of too complicated and rambling for a journal, or too casual and superficial for a blog, and finding a mix between the two winds up being too self-censoring. So I think I'll start posting here regularly again, and keep a blog confined to my more scholarly interests.

I have a new hero. His name is Marshall McLuhan, and he's been dead for 28 years. He was a teacher, scholar, philosopher, and - more importantly - a Canadian, and he started some very important thoughts about the cultural-technological intersection that I become more fascinated with every day.

I don't want this to turn into a five-page update, so I'll quit here, and try to get back into the groove slowly.

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(Deleted comment)

You should try dealing with her in person.

You shut your mouth, or I'll shut it for you. XD

You know I love you, dumbass.

Oh, you meant Gia. My bad.

Gia is very much worthy of being liked.


No wait, hey you :D

I know, right? You're one of the few people I'd actually log in every now and again to read. Things still doing alright?

haha really? But my journal is so boooooring! ahha "and then I did this today, and I think I should cut my hair next week blah blah blah" :P

Yeah I just got back from New Zealand last week :D Lots of snowboarding. Happy good times. Life's pretty eventful and I'm moving back to Sydney to be closer to family by the end of the year.

What's your summary position? :)

Hush, you. You update regularly at least, that's more than I can say for some people.... >_>

So, snow has pretty much become your life, has it? Every time I randomly check in that seems to be the only constant. Any plans to return to the US at any point?

My summary position? Uhmmm... same place, different job, still messing with computers, still struggling to complete my education. And I have cats. :D

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