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Things can change pretty quickly.  The past couple weeks have been busy; we moved out of the place in Camarillo, and are now kickin' it Ventura style. It extends the commute to work by 20 minutes, but I prefer the culture greatly (Camarillo is prettier but way boring) and my friends are closer too.  Plus, Shannon's less than 5 minutes from school now, which is a boon.

It's heating up at work as well, with tons of projects falling into my lap.  I'm continuing to learn a lot, but it's pretty stressful.

I feel really bad for Ender, the "outgoing one" of our cats.  He used to be a total outdoorsman, but since we moved he's been cooped up indoors.  We're trying to keep him from crapping up the new place with dirty outdoor paws, and hopefully I can resist his adorable kitty-face long enough for him to get accustomed to not being outside anymore.

This is kind of an update for the sake of an update.  I'm not putting a lot of thought into what I'm writing and I think it shows.  I'll try to come back with something more interesting soon.

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