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Okay, seriously. It's been a few years, I thought we were finally past this: ANOTHER LAND BEFORE TIME??! You do realize they've already SURVIVED THE ICE AGE, PEOPLE. There's NOTHING THAT CAN KILL THEM. We will be seeing Land Before Time XVII: Littlefoot in Las Vegas, doubt me not.

Ahh, I love the smell of childhood favourites being shat upon (for the umpteenth time).

* * *

Live thoughts on American Idol:

- I think we've officially made up for the slavery thing by deciding to take a dive on the pop star popularity contests. So far, the way it's going, next week they're just going to turn off the lights and say "will all the girls we can still see please leave the stage?"

- We know that, deservedly or not, Ryan Seacrest has obtained something of a foppish reputation; it's somewhat amusing, however, to see Simon join the fray of vagina. Their little half-veiled barbs at each other are either signs of frazzled nerves due to having their eardrums bleed every year, or maybe just a little bit of homoerotic tension. I'll let the slashers take it from here.

- Maybe it's the rampant liver damage messing with her brain, but Paula somehow decided to become the show's official cheerleader. "You can breathe?! You will make it in this competition! You have a beautiful soul, girl! You look fabulous! Singing? Who the hell cares about that?!"

- Simon's head seems to be filled with various places where bad singers congregate. "That sounded like it belongs in a... [student gig | hotel | karaoke | bar | lounge | old folks home | litterbox | etc.]."

* * *

San Francisco is an awesome town. Shannon and I took incredible advantage of victoria_klein and beauwolf's amazing hospitality, rode some trolleys, kicked it in Market Street, and were wowed by the incredible transportation system. The entire population could mass-amputate their limbs and still get around just as easily. However, NEVER TAKE TAXIS. THEY ARE EVIL MONEY HOLES.

* * *

I'm making a housecall to fix the boss of my boss' boss' computer on Friday. Better do a good job? (I need business cards, stat.)

* * *

If there is a god, then potlucks are surely proof of his existence. No event where you can bring a bag of chips and get a seven-course meal in return could be borne of mortal minds.

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Astronomy? A.
Behavioral statistics? A.

Thank you very much. For my next act, 14 units and 40 hours a week.

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Is it just me, or is Family Guy going a little downhill?  Maybe not going downhill, per se -- but you can now count on any remotely funny joke being repeated over several episodes, in-between the increasingly-less-funny pop-culture cutaways every 15 seconds.  I don't really think it has any excuse, since South Park has been going for a decade and is still consistently funny as hell.

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I just nailed my friend's belly to a wooden table with a needle.

Her new piercing looks nice though.  I should open my own shop!

Ye gods, I finally found an old... game?  I don't think you can call it a game -- a really really fun program that I used to spend hours with.
Play around with it, it's entrancing.

I'm lame.

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Okay, so SOME things never change...Collapse )

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Hurrah; the anti-net neutrality bill has been pwned. Score one for the tubes.

So I'm not sure what the hell had me so jacked up yesterday. Upon further reflection, even though my symptoms were consistent with mild aspirin poisoning, I had taken only a 10th of what my body mass could have handled. I'll chalk it up to a weird stomach bug that cramped my style, and switch to ibuprofen just to be safe.

Finals next week. For once, I'm not worried; >90% in both my classes (astronomy and stats), even without grade curving (best way to pass certain classes is just to make sure there are some slackers in it).

There was something else, but I forgot.

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Never again will I take anything but the exact recommended dose of Excedrin Migraine, even if my headache is really really bad.

I think I fooled my body into thinking I was trying to commit suicide, which has sparked a battle of wills that inevitably ends with me dry heaving every few minutes for the past several hours.

It's an odd feeling to be nauseated, knowing full well that you have nothing left to puke, but not exactly willing to call your body's bluff because there might be a small undiscovered pocket of bile that could be sprung at any time.

And I still have a fucking headache.

Perhaps someone with a much better understanding of physics than myself (not that it'd be hard) can answer this whimsical question:

So when you look at an atom, something like 99.99% of it is empty space, right? Electron shell, protons, all that stuff is like a peanut in a football field.

So... if there were somehow a way to "bleed off" a little bit of that excess space, couldn't you effectively shrink something without affecting its molecular composition or any other properties it might have?

I'm aware that the inverse square law says that electronic repulsion increases exponentially as distance decreases arithmetically, but I don't know at what distance that repulsion goes into effect. Would neighbouring electrons care about there being only 75% empty space instead of 99.99%?

I assume that this is not feasible because nobody's done it yet, and that seems like the sort of thing that would have some speculation surrounding it by now. Just feel like tapping the LJ brain trust for my own amusement.

To have a true weekend
Damn it's pouring outside. The weather here's been downright schizophrenic, drunkenly weaving between cold/windy, cold/dry, warm, and wet as all hell.

Anyway, this is more of a work-related update, and something I'm very proud of (though I still support my former troops):

I've finally escaped retail entirely.

Even though I've been working for an indie computer shop the past few months, I still had to make service calls and deal with the public. But thanks to a round of interviews I aced so hard that they rewrote the job description to fit my experience, I now work for Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation as an internal system administrator, maintaining employee workstations and deploying/configuring new infrastructure.

+ 20% more pay than my previous job, with a lot of room for growth
+ Both my immediate and department supervisors are amazingly understanding, flexible and *gasp* knowledgeable
+ There's absolutely zero coworker drama, and they all have senses of humor
+ The corporate atmosphere is both professional and relaxed
+ My boss understands that crawling behind servers in slacks and a tie isn't very fun, so we get to wear jeans
+ I'm learning a huge amount about high-level network administration, Server '03, UNIX, Linux and Sun systems (read: majorly increasing market value)
+ Great perks; entire Christmas-New Years period off, free 100% health, optical, dental, etc.
+ There's always free food somewhere in the building

And the greatest thing of all is that if I wanted to start my own repair/web design company, as I so very much do, it would no longer be a conflict of interest.

GeekSquad can kiss my ass. :D


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