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not a complete idiot

there are a still a few parts missing

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13 March 1985
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Let's see.

I used to update this profile with my current exact age, but so far it's served only as proof of how infrequently I actually do so. Just check my birthday. Right now, at least, I'm 21.

I've lived in California my entire life, most of that in SoCal. I'm what you might label a geek, if you were into labels, though I seem to bounce between shy introversion and extroverted affability. I'd like to think of myself as friendly, if not a little bit of a chameleon.

My taste in music is rather diverse and eclectic, from metal to Celtic to video game remixes to hip-hop to classical to punk to opera to 80s anything to 60s folk to 50s pop to 40s swing to country to industrial to lounge to Japanese R&B to salsa to parody to electronica to everything else and any combination of the above.

My favourite movies are nearly as varied; Fight Club, Monty Python & The Holy Grail, Boondock Saints, Amelie, The Matrix, Green Mile, Princess Bride, WarGames, Clue, The Court Jester, and others.

I also like anime - some of my favourites are Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion and Trigun. (I refuse to watch anything but the subtitled versions.)

Not quite sure what else to put here. I'm a major dork, I'm a pretty good skater, I can convert between decimal and binary in my head, I like dolphins, I wear glasses and I'm a hopeless romantic.

Anything else you want to know, E-mail me or stalk me on one of my various instant messengers.

Adam is Love.
80's, 80s, 80s music, afro celt sound system, amélie, anime, aphex twin, apocalyptica, apollo 440, apple juice, ashley macisaac, asian food, ayanami rei, bloodhound gang, boards of canada, books, boondock saints, british comedy, camarillo, canada, cargos, celtic music, chai, college, computer science, computers, cowboy bebop, csi, cuddling, dance dance revolution, ddr, depeche mode, dolphins, dorks, douglas adams, dreams, driving, dune, duran duran, eddie izzard, education, edward norton, eggrolls, electronica, emulation, english, evangelion, fight club, fighting games, first person shooters, frasier, friends, gamers, gaming, geeks, geoshell, guilty gear x, holy grail, hot hot heat, hugs, intelligence, invader zim, isaac asimov, italian food, japanese culture, japanese music, jealous sound, jerry seinfeld, jewel, jhonen vasquez, kissing, laughing, learning, libraries, liquid tension experiment, listening, m-flo, megumi hayashibara, metal, metaphysics, mirc, modest mouse, monty python, movies, music, mystery science theater 3000, mythology, neon genesis evangelion, nerds, nes, nickelback, nintendo, no doubt, ok go, orbital, oxnard, oxnard college, phillip glass, philosophy, pizza, poe, poe (the singer), politics, port hueneme, psychology, punk, queen, ramen, random thinking, rasputina, reading, rei ayanami, religion, rollerblading, running, sarcasm, science fiction, seatbelts, skating, snes, snk, sociology, sophie's world, space ghost, swimming, sxe, taekwondo, thai food, the matrix, the rain, they might be giants, thinking, trigun, triphop, tsunami bomb, utada hikaru, vegetarianism, ventura, weird al, writing, yoga, yoko kanno, zero 7, ,

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